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Dear all! 🙂 Here is a tutorial of how to make a Paper Squishy Flip Octopus that we would like to share with you. 🙂

You can use our FREE Printable PDF Templates to make this amazing Reversible Mood Octopus. It’s squishy and you can use it as an antistress toy 🙂 To make this funny Paper Squishy Flip Octopus you will only need the things that you most likely already have at home: Paper (free printable templates), color markers, duct tape and wadding.

You can print out both templates (faces and feet), color them and cover the colored side with the duct tape. Duct tape will protect the paper and will allow us to squish the Octopus.

Let’s continue with the Template 1 (Octopus head).

Put paper 1 (happy face) and paper 2 (sad face) together, so that the uncolored sides are inside and the colored sides are visible. Put the wadding between these two papers and use the duct tape to connect all sides of the papers together. You will get the head of the Octopus 🙂

Now let’s take the Template 2.

It is already colored and covered with the duct tape, so let’s connect both papers together, the uncolored sides need to be inside and the colored sides need to be visible. You can use the duct tape or glue to connect them.

It’s time to connect Octopus Head and Octopus Feet together. Use the duct tape to do it. The Paper Squishy Flip Octopus is ready, you can now squish it and play with it 🙂 The Reversible Mood Octopus is changing it’s faces and colors. This paper craft is very popular around the world among children of all ages and teenagers.

It’s very easy, so you can do it yourself at home and have a great fun. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Simply download the PDF-files and print them out.

Paper Squishy Flip Octopus
Paper Squishy Flip Octopus

You can also watch a video tutorial of how to make a Paper Squishy Flip Octopus:

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