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Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top

Hi everyone! 🙂 In this tutorial, we will show you how to make an Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top. 🙂

In this post I want to show you how to make a very popular paper game called Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top. You use 4 fingers to open and close it. On the inner side of the origami you can find 8 sides in form of triangle, each side has it’s own color. The origami paper craft is made in a way, that when you open it during the game, you can see only 4 sides at a time. Then you close it and open other 4 sides. Under each color there is a text with a funny task or a nice comment.

How to play a Fortune Teller paper game

The game owner holds the origami and opens the sides. Other players participate in turn. When the origami is opening and closing, the player needs to say “stop” and the owner of origami stops moving it. The player sees 4 sides with different colors and needs to choose one of them. Then the game owner opens the side and reads the text, which is written inside. The player needs to perform the funny task, for example “Smile to the person on your left” or “Say Meow to the person on your right”. This game is very easy to make. You can make a few of them and create as many funny tasks as you want 🙂

How to fold the Origami Fortune Teller game

All you need to do it yourself is just a sheet of paper and a few color markers or pens. The good thing about this paper game is that everything is written on one side of the paper, so you can easily draw it yourself or use our printable free template.

We need a square sheet of paper. I was using 21 x 21 cm, but you can use 15 x 15 cm or 19 x 19 cm, it will work perfectly. Just make sure that it fits your fingers.

Firstly we need to fold the square in half and align the bottom edge and the top edge. Then we unfold it and fold it in half again, aligning the left edge to the right edge. Unfold again. We see the folding lines that are crossing in the center. Now, we need to fold all 4 angles of the square to the center, so it looks like an envelop 🙂 when this is done, we have a smaller square. We need to flip it and fold the 4 angles of the square to the center again. The square becomes even smaller. Now we need to fold it in half like we did in the beginning – fold it bottom to the top, then unfold, and fold left to the right, unfold again.

Flip the square again and put your 4 fingers under the paper. Press it to fold all 4 sides at the same time inside and join the 4 angles of the square. You should be able to open and close it, the origami part is ready 🙂

Now it’s time to write the text and color the sides. You need to unfold the origami back, so you have a big square sheet of paper again. You will see the folding lines which show the inner sides of this origami game. Color the sides and write the funny tasks as per template. Once you have completed this, you should fold the origami again. The game is ready, let’s play! 🙂

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Have fun and enjoy this awesome Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top game! 🙂

Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top

You can also watch a video tutorial of how to make an Origami Fortune Teller Tip Top:

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