How to make a paper plane fly like a bat. Incredible Paper Airplanes


We are excited to share with you the secrets of making a paper airplane that flies like a bat!

Please scroll down for step-by-step tutorial of how to make a paper plane fly like a bat.

With our tutorial, you can make a paper airplane that resembles a bat, with wings that flap and soar through the air like the real thing.

Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process of folding and crafting the perfect paper airplane. Our project is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced master builders, so you can make a bat-like paper airplane regardless of your experience.

To create this wonderful craft, you will only need two things: an A4-sized sheet of paper and your patience 

So grab an A4 sheet of paper and get ready to make an incredible bat-plane!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Take an A4 sheet of paper
Step 2: Fold the paper in half along the short side
Step 3: Unfold the paper back to its original position
Step 4: Fold each half of the paper (from Step 2) in half again

Bends are indicated by dotted lines on the diagram, and the direction of the bends is indicated by arrows

Step 5: Fold the resulting shape along the bend lines to create a paper that is folded four times
Step 6: Bend the edges of the folded paper diagonally on both sides

Fold one side

Then flip the paper over and fold the other side

Step 7: Bend the resulting corners at a 45-degree angle on both sides

Fold on one side

Then turn the paper over and fold on the other side

As a result, such a blank was obtained

Step 8: Place the shape with the pointed end facing up and fold it towards the base of the shape so that it touches the bottom of the craft

Step 9: Bend the top corners on both sides of the shape downwards

Now, we’re almost there

Step 10: Lift the bottom pointed end upwards as shown in the diagram

Step 11: Flip the shape over to the other side
Step 12: Bend the top corner downwards as shown in the diagram

Step 13: Unfold the shape

Fold it in half along the bend line

Now, we’re almost finished

Step 14: Make the wings by bending the paper approximately at the indicated location. Fold one wing, flip the craft over, and bend the other wing. This should be done on both sides

NOTE: You should only fold each wing separately, not the entire craft

Step 15: Congratulations! Your incredible bat-plane is now ready to take flight

With this simple guide, you can create a unique paper craft that will impress everyone.

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to make this incredible paper airplane that flies like a bat. Now, you can share our step-by-step instructions with your friends and impress them with your newfound skills.

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